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elo vagabond
elo vagabond
elo vagabond
elo vagabond
elo vagabond
elo vagabond
elo vagabond
elo vagabond


The ELO Vagabond is the ultimate mobile gaming controller; it's a tool designed for winners.


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2-Year Warranty

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  • Available for Android and IOS

  • Full sized Hall effect sensor Joysticks

  • Hall effect sensor analog triggers

  • Fully Mechanical Buttons

  • Direct connection to your phone

  • Universal compatibility with phone models and sizes

Size & Weight

Mini controllerMini controller

    Width (Contracted) = 200mm


    Width (Extended) = 312mm


    Height = 108mm


    Depth = 59mm


    Weight = 198g


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    Press to launch the Unleashed App.

General Specs


    Full controller Ergonomic Design


    USBC Charging Port


    3.5 mm headset jack


    No Battery Needed – Vagabond uses minimal power from your phone to operate

What Comes in the Box?

  • ELO Vagabond Controller

  • Quickstart Guide

  • User Manual

  • Safety Guide

  • Adapter Sizing Guide

  • Certificate of Quality Assurance

  • Stickers

  • ELO Pin

Vagabond Mobile Gaming Controller Exploded View

Designed for Performance


Full sized hall sensor joysticks to ensure that you have elite level precision and accuracy and never succumb to joystick drift.

Embrace Limitless Gaming Platforms

With the ELO Vagabond, break free from the confines of platform restrictions. Harness the power of Xbox Remote Play and PlayStation Remote Play, taking your favourite console games with you wherever you go. Simply pair your controller, connect to your console, and immerse yourself in an unparalleled mobile gaming experience.

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Transcend traditional gaming limits with universal cloud gaming services. From Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now to NVIDIA GeForce Now, access a wealth of AAA games, streamed directly to your mobile device. Vagabond also integrates seamlessly with Steam Link, bringing your favourite PC games to your pocket. With the ELO Vagabond, there are no limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What's included in the ELO Vagabond package?

What are the ELO Vagabond's shipping times?

What is ELO's return and refund policy?

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