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how to play on xbox game pass anywhere!

Imagine a world where boundaries don't limit your Xbox gaming experience. With Xbox Remote Play, you're free to venture into epic battles, explore vast realms, and master tricky challenges, all from any location. Stay connected, stay gaming — the world is your arena. Dive in.

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Harness the Power of The ELO Vagabond with Xbox Remote Play

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Mount Your Vagabond Controller

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Open the Xbox Gamepass App

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Enjoy Your Limitless Gameplay

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Xbox Remote Play & ELO Vagabond: A Gaming Match Made in Heaven

Discover the game-changing combination of Xbox Remote Play and the ELO Vagabond controller. Together, they redefine mobile gaming, offering seamless connectivity and unmatched precision. It's more than just play; it's an elevated gaming experience wherever you are. Dive in and embrace the new standard.

What You’ll need to Play on Xbox Remote Play

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Elo Vagabond Controller

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Xbox Game Pass Account

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Your Mobile Phone

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Internet Connection

Good to Have:

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Elo Unleashed App


Experience the ELO Vagabond controller's unparalleled design and features. Precision, versatility, Durability and game-changing capabilities. Witness the pinnacle of elite gaming gear in action.

Popular Xbox Remote Play TitlesTake a Peek at What You Can Play

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ELO Vagabond Pre-Order

The ELO Vagabond is the ultimate mobile gaming controller; it's a tool designed for winners.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ELO Vagabond Mobile Gaming Controller?

How does the ELO Vagabond controller enhance my gaming control and precision?

What devices are compatible with the ELO Vagabond Mobile Gaming Controller?

What is the ELO Unleashed app?

What's included in the ELO Vagabond package?

What are the ELO Vagabond's shipping times?

What is ELO's return and refund policy?

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